Cryptosoft Review

Cryptosoft Logo We can confidently inform everyone that cryptocurrency remains one of the best investments that can be used to earn a passive income. Many members on our team have been making so much money every day, and all they have to do is click on buttons to make money. It is so easy and effortless.

Cryptocurrency trends in the market have been looking great. We are expecting Facebook to finalise the establishment of their cryptocurrency which is called the Libra.

With the entrance of Facebook, more companies will come into the cryptocurrency market to make it even more profitable for the currency investors. We promised to keep you all updated on the investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency market, and my team has been keeping close tabs on the market trends.

Conclusion: An outstanding software for beginners and professionals.

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So far, investing in the cryptocurrency market with auto trading platforms remains the best and trusted way to make money from trading cryptocurrency, and you do not need to have any skilled knowledge.

We have found yet another auto trader for cryptocurrency that has been gaining a lot of popularity among traders and investors. As usual, we wanted to be one of the first to test its features and inform our audience if it is legit.Cryptosoft Review

So, we did not waste time, my team has tested Cryptosoft, which is the name of the auto trader. It is excellent, before we tested Cryptosoft; we read what the current investors are saying about it online. Everyone seems to be getting richer with Cryptosoft, and after our review, we know why.

Please continue reading our report on Cryptosoft below;

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Cryptosoft is the name of an automated trading platform for we are always delighted at the opportunity to test another auto trading platform for cryptocurrency, especially when there are already positive reviews online. We seek to find out if the reviews are real and if the platform really works.

Thankfully, Cryptosoft did not disappoint us; in fact, it impressed my team so much that we are keeping the new account that was opened to test the auto trading robot. We plan to continue making money with Cryptosoft every day.

Summary report

  • 1). First, we confirmed that Cryptosoft has been approved by the regulatory agencies and has a valid licence, this information was easy to get because the trading platform is transparent.
  • 2). We tested the platform with analytics tools and discovered that the win rate on Cryptosoft is 97%.
  • 3). All an investor needs to get started is to open an account, make a deposit and activate the live trading feature. The lowest deposit on the platform is $250, which is affordable.
  • 4). To start making money with CryptoSoft  click here.

What is Cryptosoft?

Cryptosoft is an auto trading system that can be used to participate in the cryptocurrency market, buying and selling crypto. The auto trading platform does all the work for the investor. Cryptosoft is a perfect investment platform for busy people who need an additional source of income to gain financial freedom.

Who created Cryptosoft?

We found out that Cryptosoft was created by a team of software engineers who needed to use a reliable automated trading system to earn a passive income from the cryptocurrency market. We also discovered that the auto trader is available in over 150 countries.

How Cryptosoft works

We confirmed that Cryptosoft can be used on any browser, which is convenient. The entire platform is automated, during this test, all we needed to do was make a few clicks, and the trading session was started. The trading robots on Cryptosoft use the funds in an investor’s account to buy and sell cryptocurrency. It is a smart system; we discovered that the algorithm that supports the automated trading platform is faster than conventional trading processes. This is how the investors on the platform can make so much money in a few seconds. We also observed that the Cryptosoft auto trading platform is highly secure, all data on the site is encrypted and there is an efficient verification system.

Also, we understood why the owners claim it is difficult to lose money with Cryptosoft. Before activating the trading session, the user can set a stop-loss limit on their account to protect their funds from loss.

We are impressed with Cryptosoft, we had a great time studying how the auto trading process works, and it has been very enlightening. One more thing that stood out when we were testing the auto trading platform is how easy it is to use the system. There is no need for specialised trading skills before anyone can start making money with Cryptosoft. It is a smart auto trader, and the robots do all the work.

Registering an account with Cryptosoft

We registered a new Cryptosoft account to test the auto trader, this is a simple process, and here are the steps we followed;

  1. Cryptosoft Account Registration

First, we downloaded the account registration form and entered the required details. The information needed is as follows; an account name, password, and email, and phone number. This information was verified, and the account approved after it was confirmed that the information we had entered was valid.

  1. Making a Deposit

After making a deposit, the earning process starts. We made a deposit into the new Cryptosoft account using a MasterCard, this was done in seconds, and we saw alternative payment options such as Visa card, PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.

  1. Live Trading with Cryptosoft

The first live trading session we had was a wonderful experience. We earned a profit after the trading session.

  1. Completing the trade

After a live trading session ends, the payout system calculates the earnings; the value earned is transferred to the investors’ account. We observed that the entire system is transparent, we could calculate the fees, and our remuneration was accurate.

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Cryptosoft Trading Platform – Features

Payout system

Every investor gets a payout after the live trading session ends. We observed that after the payout, the funds can be withdrawn to a bank account or used for another trading session to make more money.

Verification System

The verification system on Cryptosoft checks all processes on the site to ensure that the commands and actions are authorised by the account owner.

Withdrawal of funds

We can confirm that Cryptosoft has one of the fastest withdrawal systems; funds for withdrawal are transferred to a bank account in 24-hours.

Service charge

Cryptosoft is sustained by a service charge, which is a percentage of the profit made by an investor. The service charge is fixed, and there were no discrepancies when we checked the process.

User Testimonials

Hundreds of investors who have made money with Cryptosoft have written about their experience with the auto trader. And it seems everyone has made money with the system, we are a part of this crowd, and we wrote a positive review on the testimonials page.

Customer Service

Cryptosoft offers all users a 24/7 support service, which is reliable and fast.


The brokers who monitor trading processes on Cryptosoft check the system to ensure that all transactions selected for the investors are profitable.

Starting tips for new investors

There are so many advantages of trading with Cryptosoft. We are impressed with the simple layout and user-friendly platform. Also, the site is secure and fast. The high win rate increases the possibility of making money with the system after every live trading session.

Here are the best tips for beginners who want to become rich from trading cryptocurrency;

  • 1. Invest the minimum deposit first. New users should start with the minimum deposit of $250, and grow this capital.
  • 2. Study how auto trading systems work. The demo trading option gives new users a chance to study how auto trading works.
  • 3. Follow the market trends; Cryptocurrency trends can be found online and on the News. Follow these trends to know more about the market.
  • 4. Invest your disposable income. You should only invest free money instead of your life savings.
  • 5. Save your profits.  Always withdraw and save your profits after trading with the automated system.

These tips should help new investors to start making money every day, without experiencing losses.

We did not find a Cryptosoft mobile app

While there is no mobile app, all we found it convenient to use the auto trader through any browser on mobile devices and computers.

Cryptosoft Review: The Verdict

We found it easy to arrive at a verdict after testing all the features on Cryptosoft.

We were able to create an account, use the live trading feature, and withdraw our funds to a bank account. Based on this experience and our actual earnings after the first live trading session we had, my team passed a verdict that Cryptosoft is legit and can be trusted by everyone who wants to become rich from trading cryptocurrency.

Investors only need to spend a few minutes each day to make money with Cryptosoft. And, the site is secure, we also commend the 24/7 customer support system.

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Is it free to get Cryptosoft account?

Yes, there are no fees when opening an account.

How much can I make daily?

There is no limit to your earnings; more profits are earned with higher deposits.

Can cryptocurrency be withdrawn to an external wallet?

This is not possible; all earnings are converted to your local currency during the withdrawal process.

Have celebrities endorsed Cryptosoft?

No, there are no celebrity endorsements or investments; it is an independent auto trading platform.