The News Spy Review

The News Spy Logo To avoid the pitfalls of wrong financial planning, it is a great idea to establish a source of passive income that can make you richer every day. This is the idea many people have adopted, and it the reason investors are now searching for the best auto trading platforms to use. Unfortunately, there are so many of these trading platforms, and it is difficult to know which of these sites are legit.

We have tested one of the popular auto trading systems online; it is called The News Spy. We have been following the market trends for a while, and the name The News Spy has been coming up during discussions on cryptocurrency forums.

Some people have written that they earn so much money with The News Spy; others cannot make a claim because they have not tested the auto trader.

Conclusion: An outstanding software for beginners and professionals.

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To help people who need reliable automated trading platforms for cryptocurrency, we decided to test The News Spy, and here is our report.

Is the News Spy Legit?

We were impressed with The News Spy, and my team discovered why so many people have been making money with the auto trader. Yes, The News Spy is legit; it has been fully registered and can pass as one of the best auto trading systems for cryptocurrency. We tested all its features to ensure that everything works.The News Spy Review

Here’s a summary of our review;

  • 1). The News Spy is a legit and reliable auto trader that can generate profits for investors daily. This is possible because the auto trading system uses one of the best trading software that exists.
  • 2). To get started, the investor needs to open an account, transfer funds into it, and activate the trading robot.
  • 3). The auto trading platform is secure; all funds on the system are safe.
  • 4). The verification process for all transactions is fast, also there are no delays when a withdrawal request is processed.
  • 5). There is a customer support system on the auto trading platform, it can be used by all account owners, to get started please click this link.

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What is The News Spy?

The News Spy is an auto trader that allows investors to make money from the cryptocurrency market with as little as $250; it is a smart system that works automatically. The profit forecasts for the cryptocurrency market look very encouraging. We expect that this year will end on a good note, and next year will begin with a string of profitable trades for all crypto investors.

This is a great time to leverage the use of tech-based auto traders to make so much money from the cryptocurrency market. Auto trading systems such as The News Spy make it possible for traders and all other investors to make money from the market without performing manual trades.

We were thrilled to discover that The News Spy has a user-friendly outlook that can be used by anyone. The homepage is laden with widgets and tags that can help users to find their way around the site easily. We think this is a great plan; it will encourage more investors to create accounts and invest with the auto trading system.

Who created News Spy created?

We checked the “About Us” page and found more information about the auto trader. It was created by John Mayers, who is a smart entrepreneur and investor. John Mayers has earned much money from the cryptocurrency market using his smart invention, which has also benefited hundreds of other investors. On the testimonials page, we read the feedback from happy investors who have made millions with The News Spy.

How the News Spy works

We studied how the trading robots work during the live trading session; the auto trading robots are programmed with excellent software that makes it easy to scan the entire cryptocurrency market in seconds. The best deals for crypto are found and secured on behalf of the investor. We like how the trading robots work very fast to secure profitable deals before the market trends change. The whole trading process is automated, we didn’t need to do anything, and the trading robots did all the work while we earned a profit after the live trading session.

How to Open a New Spy Account

We can confirm that no fees are required to open a new account with The News Spy. The process starts on the homepage.

Step 1: Account Registration

The News Spy offers everyone a chance to change their lives without stress or investing their time. From the homepage, we downloaded the account registration form. Next, we entered the account name and email address.

Step 2: Funding the Account

We decided to transfer the sum of $250 into our new account, with this money in the account, we could use the live trading feature. The payment was made using a Visa card; we found alternative payment options that could have been used, such as PayPal, Visa, or WebMoney. The deposit we made was processed in seconds.

Step 3: Demo trading

We are happy that there is a demo trading feature on The News Spy; it means the developers are willing to give investors a chance to test the system before using real money for trades. We tested the demo trading feature, and it works perfectly.

Step 4: Live Trading

Our live trading experience with The News Spy was outstanding. We were amazed at how fast the trading robots worked. We knew that the trading process was fast, but the speed was amazing. The trading robots did an excellent job of detecting the best opportunities to earn more money. And all it took to get started was a click on a button.

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The News Spy – Features

Payout system

We were able to confirm that the payout system on this auto trader is accurate and reliable. This was possible because the auto trading system is transparent.

Verification System

We found an effective verification system that ensures all processes are authorised before completion.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Deposits and withdrawals can be done at any time. We noticed that withdrawals are completed in 24-hours, which is fast and impressive.

Service Charges

We also observed that there are no hidden fees on this auto trading platform. The system takes a fixed percentage as the service charge. And this is the only fee we paid while using the platform.

User Testimonials

The testimonials page has been created to allow all users to publish their experiences with The News Spy. We observed that there are investors earning over $5,000 every day, while others have confirmed that it is the best auto trader they have used.

Customer Service

We tested the customer support system just because we wanted to confirm that it works, it is responsive and available 24/7.


There is a team of brokers who monitor the trading processes on The News Spy. These are professionals who ensure that only profitable transactions are processed for the users.

How to start earning with The News Spy

We have observed that many people are using The News Spy. We observed a trend where people who have made money with the system referred it to their friends. There are so many reasons to use the auto trader, it is safe, fast, and withdrawals can be done anytime. The News Spy also has a high win rate, which means a majority of the transactions done on the site will make the investors richer.

Here are some amazing tips for new investors;

  1. Start with the minimum investment. We think that a good strategy for beginners is to start with the minimum deposit of $250 and watch it grow by reinvesting.
  2. Save your profits. Withdrawals should be done every time you earn, save your profits in a bank.
  3. Follow market trends.  Find out the big events in the market so you know when to invest.
  4. Invest your disposable income. To be safe when investing, it is best to use only your free money.

The News Spy Review: Our Conclusion

We have concluded that The News Spy is a trusted and reliable auto trading robot that can be used by everyone to earn a consistent passive income from the cryptocurrency market. The auto trader is easy to use, and it is secure. We appreciate the fact that we could open a trading account in less than five minutes. Also, from our test results, we can confirm that everyone who trades with The News Spy will earn a profit daily.

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How much is needed to open an account?

It is free to open an account with The News Spy.

How can I start making money?

It is easy, first you need an account, make a deposit and start the auto trading robots.

 Is there any risk?

The News Spy trading robots work very fast, so the potential market risks are lower.

How fast is the withdrawal process?

It is fast and reliable, one of the best in the market. We observed that withdrawal requests are processed in 24-hours.

Is there a mobile app?

No, we did not find any mobile app on the popular app stores. The site can be used via any web browser on mobile devices and computers.